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YLIES precision culture is all YLIES precision staff for many years the accumulation of practice, is the crystallization of our common will, is YLIES precision future development of the backing, is the embodiment of our value of life. Tangible value is limited, invisible value is unlimited. Culture needs to inherit, need to mastery, in the years to come, YLIES precision culture needs to constantly improve and develop.
Let us learn YLIES precision culture, practice YLIES precision culture, and jointly enhance the YLIES precision culture.
Core values: the leader in China's transmission industry
Business goals: Made in China Made in China
Business objectives: struggle for ten years add a zero.
Management objectives: people do their best, make the best use of their money to do their best to do their best.
Job goal: one day to do a practical thing, in January to do a new thing, a year to do a major event, life to do a meaningful thing.
Corporate philosophy
Business philosophy: money scattered people gather, wealth is scattered; from the proper way, with the fun. The same time as
Business philosophy: large group strategy, small accounting system; capital operation, international operation. The same time as
Management principles: everyone on the head of a day, all striving to be a leader.
Entrepreneurial spirit
Innovation and pragmatic integrity
Corporate ethics
Outer tree integrity image, within the occupation of professional loyalty.
Business style
Pragmatic, innovation, excellence.
Do not catch fashion, do not engage in the form, do not tell lies, go their own way, round their dreams.
The thought determines the way out as a decisive position.
Talent view  
To the German election, to use only, because of material education, to keep people.
Talent Strategy
Gather first class talent, to stimulate personal potential;
Play a role model, build the peak team.
YLIES precision public and private view
Self - sacrifice for the public, selfless, public and forget the private, is advanced;
First public and private, public and private, is allowed;
First private public, private words, is to educate criticism;
Leave the public and private, loss of public servants private, is to stop and combat;
The surface for the public, secretly private, is a hypocrite, can not be reused, is to prevent.
YLIES Precision Award
Reward and punishment is clear, more awards less penalty
Meritorious prizes, mistakes must be fine

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