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What are the characteristics and applications of the mother'

What are the characteristics of the material used by the mother's mother?
Clamping ring for oil-resistant rubber material Features:
Clamping ring by a special design, strong pull, the cable does not cause damage. Do not need to disintegrate the fixed head, the cable can be directly into the tight can be, time-saving Uses: general mechanical control box, with cable, machinery, electrical and other cable fixed.
Material: hand back polyester fabric, 5mm white striped conductive silk, surface resistance 10 7, palm cotton cotton cloth with PVC non-slip.
Pellet Design Material: Plastic and copper Particularly suitable for workstations, cleaners, air shower and various needs In addition to static equipment to eliminate static electricity quickly: a static grid in addition to the amount of ion equivalent to more than 20 ion copper rods produced of.
Material: SKH-51 ◇.
High temperature quenching: hardness HRC59 ° -61 °.
Needle, material: UL nylon 6/6, fire rating 94V-2.
What is the application of the row of pins in THR technology?
In recent years, surface mount technology has developed rapidly, in the electronics industry has a pivotal position. In addition to fully automated production scale effects, SMT also has the following technical advantages: components can be mounted on both sides of the PCB to achieve high-density assembly; even the smallest size components can also achieve precision placement.
Operation convenience, the mechanical strength of the needle is also a very important factor. The connector is usually the interface between the PCB board and the external components, so it may sometimes encounter considerable external force.
The components of the through-hole technology are much more reliable in terms of reliability than the corresponding SMT components. Both compact and easy to mount, with the through-hole pin in the size and assembly form are significantly different.
For the industrial field of field wiring of the row of pin row processing is usually a high-power components is a strong pull, squeeze or thermal shock, it can withstand, and not easily off the PCB.
In some cases, these advantages are weakened as the adhesion of components on the PCB decreases. SMT components are characterized by design. Can meet the transmission of high voltage, high current needs. So the design must take into account the sufficient gap between the electrical clearance and creepage, these factors ultimately affect the size of the components.
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