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Terminal manufacturers continue to meet market demand

Terminal manufacturers continue to develop new technologies, in order to increase their core competitiveness, to adapt to the needs of the market application, the face of the terminal market, fierce competition, continuous improvement in order to obtain customer recognition.
At present, the electronic product features more and more powerful and comprehensive, the connector put forward higher and more diverse needs, such as electronic equipment transmission rate is getting higher and higher, in order to meet the large flow of data transmission and exchange, The connector presents the requirements for high-speed transmission and digital transmission. But also need to save more and more signals such as microwave signals, optical signals, high voltage signals, power signals into the same connector, Do not interfere, which determines the connector signal transmission integration of the development trend will become more and more obvious.
The market for connector concentration and miniaturization trend needs to make the terminal technical innovation. Semiconductor chip technology is becoming the technology driver for the development of connectors at all levels of interconnects. For example, with 0.5mm pitch chip packaging, the I / O interconnect (IC device internal) and Class II interconnects (devices And the interconnection of the board) the number of device pins from a few hundred lines up to thousands of lines. In the cylindrical slotted jack, flexible stranded pin and double curved wire spring jack connector commonly used pressure contact with the contact technology, greatly improving the reliability of the connector to ensure the high fidelity of signal transmission.
The terminal technology enables the connector to form a new connector product, the push-in connector, which is mainly used for system-level interconnection. The biggest advantage is that it does not require cable, easy installation and removal, easy field replacement, Fast, smooth and stable separation, access to good high-frequency characteristics, suitable for spacecraft. The assembly technology of the connector is being developed by the plug-in installation technology to the surface mount technology, and the future trend is to micro-assembly technology development, the use of micro-electromechanical system will be to improve the connector technology and cost-effective power.
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